• Recruitment of disabled employees: Handi-Match

    Our Handi-Match department facilitates the professional integration of disabled people.

    A handicap has two main reasons: an individual reason (an incapacity) and a collective reason (the inaccessibility) due to an ill adapted work environment.

    Handi-Match does not only help you in the recruitment of disabled employees. It offers a complete range of services in order to advice and assist you in the recruitment and the integration of your disabled employees.

    Our team of specialized consultants will guide and advise you step by step in order to better understand your needs. We carefully respect French laws concerning the integration of disabled employees and we will of course take into special consideration your particular work environment.

    Our approach consists of three complementary phases:


  • Definition and analysis of your profession and organization in order to put in place an adapted and well tailored recruitment process of disabled employees ;
  • Audit of the Agefiph fee - we will advice you on your legal obligations ;
  • Definition of the job profile and elaboration of a job description ;
  • Advice you on different training programs in order to integrate the new employee in the best possible way ;
  • Advice you on specific communication programs within your company. We will work closely with you on different issues such as for example the demystifying of the notion of the handicap. We will drive awareness campaigns and train the staff if necessary ;
  • Proposition and validation of a short and a medium term action plan in order to reach set up goals.


  • Choose the best search strategy ;
  • Search, pre-select and present candidates whose qualifications best fit your needs ;
  • Recommend access tools that would be necessary to install in your company for each presented candidate.


  • We support and advice you on the different measurements to consider prior the arrival of the disabled employee ;
  • We advise the team that will work closely to the new employee in order to facilitate the integration ;
  • Customized follow-up of each recruited candidate (for a minimum of 6 months) ;
  • Support throughout the whole recruitment process. We assist you with your contacts with French administrations in order to facilitate the integration of your disabled employees in your professional environment.
  • Our teams of consultants are experienced in recruiting disabled employees. They have the required legal knowledge and cooperate directly with concerned associations and specialized organizations.
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