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A company’s reputation and success is partly based on the skills of its employees and especially on the quality of its executive management team.
Executive recruitment therefore represents a major strategic decision for your company.

Our approch

We rely on our in-depth knowledge of your particular market and business sector, a solid network of relationships and our large experience. We can therefore effectively search for executive talents to high management positions.

Our Method

  • Executive recruitment is an interactive process: we work very closely to our clients in order to understand and/or define your specific need ;
  • Careful analyze of your company, your specific culture and values as well as your competitive environment (market study) ;
  • Carefully defining the job profile and the ideal candidate profile ;
  • Identifying, approaching, assessing and attracting potential candidates ;
  • Recruiting the right executive to the position ;
  • Follow up during the integration phase.


ALCANDRE and their subsidiary companies are committed to assure the security and confidentiality of all records submitted to them and especially in the case of computer processed data. ALCANDRE would like to remind applicants of the French law no. 78-17 of January 6, 1978, which entitles them to object to IT processing of the information they submit, to consult their files and to rectify them if necessary. ALCANDRE commits themselves to destroying a person's file who doesn't wish to figure on their lists on a written demand by that person.

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