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« The difficulty is not to understand new ideas, but to escape from old ones » (John Maynard Keynes)

The observation

For many reasons, a career change is never simple and may generate a variety of upheavals: loneliness, judgement from others, peer pressure, loss of reference, difficulties in visualizing the future, market traps, complicated obstacles to overcome in order to find a new job…

ALCANDRE has built its image on supporting and replacing Directors and Executives. Thanks to its mentoring program, they strengthen their assets and their chances of finding a good career opportunity and accelerate the signing of their new employment contract.



ALCANDRE assists CEO and Senior Executives in their job search 

(Via an outplacement contract if you are leaving your company, or via a Mentoring program).

Each mission is then tailor-made, in perfect symbiosis with the person being accompanied.

This is the only approach that creates considerable complicity, a guarantee of honesty, frankness, responsiveness, accuracy and efficiency.

Through a mix of individual interviews, situational exercises and roleplays, everything is examined, from behavior to emotions, unconscious memories, reflexes and blockages…

All our mentees have found another stable job placement, after only 2 to 8 months… But to achieve this, a hyper-rigorous and pragmatic methodology is used through all stages of the replacement process.

ALCANDRE has selected Mentors who were former company managers, with a wide human dimension but also resolutely trained in business culture.

We offer a variety of programs: Outplacement, Career Assessment, Mentoring.

Better yet, for these programs,
we make a Commitment to achieve Results.

An exclusive from ALCANDRE.

Our Strengths:

  • Our “exclusive” Executive Replacement Program for Senior Management and CEOs.
  • ALCANDRE is the only firm to Commit to Results.
  • The use of all our Networks of Relationships, fueled by our executive search activity.
  • Our team of Mentors comprised of former Operational Managers.
  • A 30% faster return to employment than average.