ALCANDRE has developed strong market knowledge within a variety of sectors such as:

  • IT & Telecom.
  • Industry (Aeronautic & Electronic, Engineering).
  • Oil&Gas & Utilities.
  • Life Sciences.
  • Finance & Insurance.
  • Consulting & Audit.

ALCANDRE already works with many companies operating in global markets.

Our international base is anchored around Consultants experienced in the search and selection of foreign profiles, perfectly bilingual in French and English, who know how to select talent from Europe and the United States.

Our Consultants provide assistance and expert advice across the entire spectrum of the search, from defining the job profile to the intercultural dimension of recruitment managed from France.

As such, our own wealth of experience is fully available to our clients who are open to the outside world, to create all the conditions for a successful recruitment, while respecting the values and uniqueness of each candidate.

Candidates can also promote their international dimension and enhance the value of their position.

Our international scope covers most of the following areas:

  • UK and Northern Europe: Benelux, Scandinavia.
  • Germany and Central Europe: Switzerland, Austria, Eastern Europe.
  • France and Southern Europe: Italy, Spain, Portugal, Africa & Middle East.

A Two-way Skill

With our excellent knowledge of businesses, we offer many major French clients the opportunity to recruit excellent employees for their foreign subsidiaries, and international groups the opportunity to do the same in France and in most of Europe.