our Mission & Vision

Our anchor

The name ALCANDRE was not chosen by chance.

A mythological character, ALCANDRE embodies rebirth. After he and his family were attacked from all sides by thieves who set their home on fire, Jupiter saved them by turning them into birds, enabling them to escape the present and fly away to a brighter future.

Evoked again by French author Corneille in 1635 in his Illusion Comique, the name ALCANDRE embodies a magician with the power to convert dreams into reality.

Since the firm was created in 2009, this dual idea of rebirth and magic has been our driving force. People’s destiny in a changing world is what fascinates us.

We focus hard on this destiny, in keeping with our core values, making it come alive through strong, bold commitments, of which we are proud.

Our SpiriT

We are a small, tight-knit team with a big soul, united around each client. Our commitment is unfailing to meet every challenge. We are obsessed with results. And underlying everything, is our refusal to accept the impossible.

Our experts have worked in companies, usually international. With intimate knowledge of these companies and the daily experiences of people working in them on a day to day basis, their advice is quick and more relevant.

Their shared experience creates a climate of truth and transparency, like a “guardian angel” of the hoped-for future.

It is only at this level of excellence that progress can be envisaged hand in hand.

Our Commitment

ALCANDRE is the only recruitment firm that dares to commit to the results of its missions financially. This is a risk we assume, and it has never been put to the test.

The solutions we offer often fall well outside the beaten track, relaying traditional pathways that have sometimes run out of steam.

Our perpetual curiosity, always turned towards the well-being of the individual, takes the profession in another direction, with unexpected and exciting discoveries.

Our considerable openness to the outside world makes us pioneers in the field, breaking with a traditionally academic approach that can hold others back.

Finally, it is our clients and their loyalty that have been our raison d’être since the beginning; we are proud of their numerous testimonials celebrating their successes, and the sincere warmth of their recommendations.